Executive Coaching


One-to-one sessions, in person, by phone or by Skype

Executive coaching with Stephanie Segal provides a supportive, confidential, structured, professional, one to one setting, a dedicated space away from the workplace, enabling you to:

    • Discuss specific work-related issues, concerns or new challenges and review the complexities of managing people and resources.
    • Reflect on your work role and gain a deeper understanding of your skills, achievements, strengths and limitations in an organisational context.
    • Address being ‘stuck in a rut’, work/life balance, role satisfaction and creating a new momentum.
    • Evaluate yourself as a leader – review your interpersonal communication, presentation and organisational skills, management of staff, boundaries, change, performance, stress and time.
    • Reflect on how you deal with difficult issues in the workplace and manage conflict.
    • Review organisational strategic development, understand resistance to change, identify how this may present in the workplace and how staff can be supported.
    • Consider the changing nature of the workplace and the impact on staff, funders, stakeholders, clients, patients, service users, customers or consumers.
    • Analyse the institutional dynamics that develop through statutory change, restructuring, mergers, new working practices and associated institutional defences.
    • Assess team dynamics and different ways of developing teams, the professional development of staff, supervision, coaching, mentoring and leadership.
    • Review your personal and professional development and explore further career direction.
This approach gives a systemic understanding of the context in which you work enabling you to operate more effectively in your work role. 
We also offer teams of executive coaches to work with managers in the same organisation. 
We can offer executive coaching face to face, by telephone, video conferencing or by Skype. We are happy to work nationally and internationally with timings to suit you and offer payment by Paypal.