What our clients say


Deputy Head Teacher:

“Stephanie, I have been appointed as a Head Teacher at long last. Thank you so much, the coaching helped me identify my strengths, weaknesses and lack of presentation skills. I was able to reflect on not being successful previously in gaining a headship post, this enabled me to move forward and present completely differently at interview. It worked, so appreciate your support ”


Marketing Manager:

“Stephanie, thanks very much for the coaching. I found my new role overwhelming and my sessions with you helped me focus on my anxieties, organise myself more efficiently, prioritise and work differently. I am much more confident now and really enjoying it. I feel the skills I gained have really help me progress.”


Manager, Mental Health:

Thank you so much for your guidance and support in the Action Learning Set. Your questioning, challenging and empathetic ear has been greatly appreciated. Through you and the group, I have questioned my role and work practice. I am sure my team and patients will benefit in the future.


Senior Health professional 

Stephanie, thank you so much for the Action Learning Set. I found the sessions so helpful, a really valuable place especially when presenting. I was able to internalise some of the feedback and see my team and patients in a different way. Your wisdom and facilitation skills were questioning, insightful and containing. I have learnt a lot which hopefully will remain with me.


Assistant Chief Executive, An international NGO:

“Stephanie, I was very reluctant to have external supervision with you when it was suggested in my previous post at a local authority. It really worked, was a great support and a time I looked forward to monthly. I am now being proactive in contacting you again as you were very effective in enabling me to define the expectations and service demands of the service and myself as the role holder. I would like to set up external supervision in my new role to achieve the same.” 


A Youth Service Manager:

“The one to one support helped me clarify some of the difficulties I was experiencing at work. It has enabled me to make many changes which have been very productive. I have so valued this input and would like to thank you very much.”  


Assistant Director, Local Authority:

“The external supervision, at a time of restructuring, has given me enormous support in identifying organisational difficulties and reflecting on our ‘stuckness’. I believe that the confidential, external aspect of the supervision, together with Stephanie’s style of working, really helped me to identify areas of weakness. I was able to improve my leadership style, reflect on the service we were delivering, the anxieties experienced by staff and how this was ‘acted out’ in the organisation. I believe this has improved my relationship with my line manager and the staff I manage and has been of real positive benefit to the organisation.”


Lawyer (Solicitor):

“Thank you for your guidance and words of wisdom. I never thought that this type of approach would work but it did. The coaching has been an important step in getting me back on track at a very difficult time work-wise.”